EVE Missions

Here is my running list of level 4 missions. This list is very subjective and is based on running (or not running) the missions with Cate. As she has substantial shield skills and reasonably good offensive skills, your mileage may vary. I include links to her ship setup and skillset at the top of the page so you can adjust your difficulty rating in comparison.

Okay, now that you're both doing level 4 missions, I've added short descriptions giving my impressions, tips, warnings, etc. Just click on the mission name to read them. Also if the mission was as described in EVE Info, you'll find a link to it on a the description page. If the mission info was out of date, I don't include it.

Level 4 Missions

AcceptMissionDoneWarpsSalvageLength  LPsPayoutDifficulty
Angel Extravaganza   
Cargo Delivery (Serpentis)4 6.9m**
Duo of Death (Sansha)137685m
Enemies Abound   
Enemies Abound (1 of 5)0  
Guristas Extravaganza   
In the Midst of Deadspace   
Infiltrated Outposts (Drones)075273.9m*
Massive Attack (Sansha)0 9m
Pirate Invasion (Sasha)352379m
Pirate Slaughter (Guristas)47527 
Right Hand of Zazzmatazz   
Rogue Drone Harrassment073741.8m*
Silence the Informant   
Storyline: Shipyard Theft (Blood Raider)2012m**
The Assault (Guristas)065307.6m
The Blockade (Sansha)1-8+ 25m
The Infested Ruins (Drones)036292.1m*
The Sansha Spies025924.2m
The Score (Sansha)0 11m
Unauthorized Military Presence (Blood Raider)041165.1m
Vengeance (Sansha)0729719.4m
Worlds Collide (Sansha) 7257 

Table Categories

AcceptThe most important criteria. Do I accept this mission when its offered?
Generally not.
Done Whether I have done this mission successfully.
Never tried.
Ship went BOOM!
Warps Number of times I had to warp out when doing this mission.
Salvage Are the wrecks salvageable?
Length How long this mission took.
[ Unknown ]
< 1 Hour
< 2 Hours
3+ Hours
LPs Loyaty points offered for this mission.
Payout ISK of bounties and mission payout--not including loot or drone compounds. (* Note that missions marked with an asterisk are drone missions and while there are no bounties, mineral value is substantial and make drone missions highly profitable.)
DifficultyHow hard was this mission overall.
[ Unrated ]
Pretty easy, but stay alert.
Doable. Tactics required. Take it slowly.
Risky. Requires serious tactics and/or time.