Here are some logs from my online roleplaying days.  To begin with, I offer some from the last MUSH I roleplayed in, Twilight.  Eventually, I will put up some more.  The logs have been cleaned up to remove extraneous spam in particularly crowded scenes and private pages/tells/whispers.  Otherwise they are unedited.  

Twilight MUSH (1996)

  • Aftermath  •  My favorite Twilight scene.  Gabriel in a warmongering mood is ever so fun.  Isabel attempts damage control following the assault on the Tower of Palanthas.
  • Parenthood  •  What's a good fantasy or sci-fi story without a young protagonist tormented by complex father issues?
  • Master of the Conclave  •  Wherein Gabriel and I deliberately ham it up a bit to make it more apparent the calculating nature of both characters.
  • One Order Head to Another  •  Demonstrating that sexual politics exists in worlds both mundane and fantastic.
  • Apprenticing  •  Isabel toys with an apprentice. The apprentice is not amused.