Once Upon A House...

What a country house looks like; flowers and ducks and geese, oh my.
So why did I buy something so distinctly not me? Honestly, I had my reasons. Besides one can always renovate. That shouldn't be too hard...
It's not just about rounding up a pack of burly men, some power tools, and a cache of small explosives. You also need to supply those men with generous financial incentive and vast quantities of beer to get a house to look like this. Declassified photos detail how to turn a missile testing site back into habitable space. The hot pink of raw insulation mellows into a chalky palette of gray and white, the colors of a long cold winter that will seemingly never end. What does a broke and weary woman with a lungful of sheetrock dust and a pile of milled lumber dream of? Escape. Sweet, sweet escape. But alas there is only molding. And molding. Oh, and did I mention the molding? Only I could come up with a plan where I live in squalor for four years, spend bucketfuls of cash, build my dream home... and then move. Anyone want to buy a house?
And loan me a U-Haul?